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The Good, the Bad, and the OMG
Many great Service Officers out there.  Thank you for your continued service.

I hope you all find one of these heroes to help you through the maze that is the VA.

But, be very careful.

There are not only "bad" Service Officers out there, meaning, some are in training, and should not be expected to know all the answers.  The desire to find an answer is the sign of a very good service officer.  A blank stare, not so much.

The "bad" ones aren't the ones you should be afraid of, they are only as useful as they want to be.  Most are volunteers.  Give them a chance to learn. 

There are a few that are in their respective positions, "volunteered" by their service organization.  In some cases, manning the service officer desk for a year is a "ticket" to be "punched" if  you expect to rise within those organizations.  In some sad cases, their own political rise is the "main" reason they are there at all.  These are the ones to watch very carefully.  After all, they don't have your best interest in mind when they are helping you.  They are interested in "how many documents did they file this year?" and "is it better than the person last year?"

I had a VFW State Service Officer file a NOD on my behalf only to review it when I got home.  Multiple spelling mistakes, check boxes checked without consideration of my answers.  A mess of a service officer.  When I confronted him  about it, he hung up on me.

Also, try to determine who those service officers are really working for.  They seem way too cozy to the VA for my taste.
Jerry Spurbeck says, "A good fact can overcome fear most days."

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