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Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX)
As House Ways and Means Chairman, Mr. Brady was responsible for figuring out how to pay for everything relating to funding the US Government's functions, which includes funding for Veterans Programs.

His major challenge was how to pay for it in the midst of a huge federal deficit brought about by President Trump and Republican Party forcing through a tax cut, primarily for the rich, which we now know went to stockholders and stock-buybacks on Wall Street.

ChampVA is a unique program, similar to Medicare.  It is unique in that it serves a very narrow set of constituents.  Constituents that normally wouldn't raise their voices.  Wives and children of 100% Service-Connected Veterans.  That is, those veterans who became disabled because of their service to our nation.  100% Disabled.  Their wives and children don't get Medicare because they are usually too young.  They can't get Obamacare or Trump-care or whatever-care because the veteran makes "just above" the poverty-line.  Of course that veteran can't afford coverage for their family.  So, this is where ChampVA comes in to "save the day" for those veterans and their families.

So, how does Kevin and his staff do it?

Cut the staff at ChampVA.  No one answers the phones to "pre-authorize" all services, and the veterans don't the "pre-authorization" expected by the doctors (those doctors who are willing to help, that is).  Those doctors who haven't already been burned by ChampVA.  No workers to process the claims.  You get it.  It saves money.  Not a whole lot of money.  But "it adds up".

When contacted by this concerned veteran, Mr. Brady's assigned me to Hogan Husk, who handed me off to their veteran's affairs expert.  I can't remember this gentleman's name, although he was a bit over-confident, but he didn't answer my questions.  Instead he said that they were working on new programs or something to that effect.

So, what does a veterans do while we wait for "them" to come up with something "new".

Over and over we hear just how much Mr. Brady cares for veterans.

Here is an example.

He is proud to announce a "victory for veterans", but absolutely nothing has changed based on that "victory".  At the VA hospitals, clinics, regional offices, and other Veterans Administration "managed" facilities, veterans issues are now much worse.  "Once again, our leaders take a victory lap, without having done a damn thing except jaw-jack", says a veteran outside the VA Regional Office in Houston, TX.

"I think Kevin's time in the sun is just about over", says a self-described "conservative" veteran in Brady's turf, the Texas 8th.
Jerry Spurbeck says, "A good fact can overcome fear most days."

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